MTech/ME & PhD Advance Computer Architecture/VLSI IEEE Projects

Advance Computer Architecture/VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) is a topic, that aims to develop a thorough understanding of high-performance and energy-efficient computer architecture, as a basis for informed software performance engineering and as a foundation for advanced work in computer architecture, compiler design, operating systems and parallel processing.The topic is specially designed for Electronics engineering to support MTech,ME, Master & PhD programme. Thesisconcepts provides guidance and support for developing IEEE final year academic advance computer architecture and VLSI projects for MTech & PhD research scholars. Thesisconcepts also help in choosing topic and base paper selection from IEEE.
Following are the details of research area broadly categorised for Electrical & Electronics engineering, VLSI (very large-scale integration) in MTech/ME or PhD program. The listed topics are very much inspired form industry demands, always motivate to carry out contemporary research.

List of Advance Computer Architecture/VLSI IEEE Projects for MTech,ME & PhD

Bus Architecture Projects

Memory Controllers Projects

Microprocessors Projects