Internship Programs

We are constantly seeking for new talented people. Attracting high potentials from every background or culture, offering them experiences and opportunities to develop their strong potential and engineering skills. Thesis Concepts considers as the best strategy to face its future challenges.

How to apply:

Please send your resume to (please mention the subject of the email as: resume.internship)


Indore, Bangalore


Best in industry


We are looking for proactive and hard working individuals to join us full-time in our quickly growing product development team. You will be joining in as an intern for a period of 3 months, during which you will be trained by us. After the end of 3 months, select high-contributing individuals will be given an opportunity to join us full time. During these three months we will pay a fixed stipend of INR 5000. We will also pay a performance bonus, maximum INR 5000, depending upon the intern’s performance.
The team of interns will work on developing products, which will be taken to the market in less than 3 months. The team will get to experience complete product development process (Inception, Market research, Prototyping, Process design, Outsourcing, Sourcing, Assembling, Branding, etc.). We will use the cutting edge business and product development. The team will have a lot of freedom with respect to the approach they take to solve the problems. Intensity of work will be high and working hours will be long.


  • Graduate in Bachelor of engineering.
  • Good knowledge Matlab/VLSI and electronic circuit design.
  • Good knowledge of microcontroller interface theory
  • Good communication skill in English