Speech Processing IEEE Projects

Thesisconcepts provides speech processing IEEE project support & guidence for MTech, PhD, ME & Masters research scholars. We develop custom & semi-custom speech processing projects for final year of MTech, PhD & Masters. Modern speech understanding systems merge interdisciplinary technologies from Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, Natural Language, and Linguistics into a unified statistical framework. These systems, which have applications in a wide range of signal processing problems, represent a revolution in Digital Signal Processing (DSP). Once a field dominated by vector-oriented processors and linear algebra-based mathematics, the current generation of DSP-based systems rely on sophisticated statistical models implemented using a complex software paradigm. Such systems are now capable of understanding continuous speech input for vocabularies of several thousand words in operational environments.

Partial List of Speech Processing IEEE Projects for MTech, ME & PhD

  • Fundamentals of Speech
  • Basic Signal Processing Concepts
  • Signal Measurements
  • Signal Processing in Speech Recognition
  • Dynamic Programming (DP)
  • Hidden Markov Models (HMMs)
  • Acoustic Modeling and Training
  • Gaussian Mixture Model
  • Universal Background Model
  • Speech Recognition Using HMMs, GMM, UBM
  • Language Modeling
  • State of the Art and Future Directions