Digital Signal Processing Projects

Thesisconcepts provides guidence & support in developing Digital Signal Processing(DSP) IEEE projects for MTech, ME & PhD. Thesisconcepts has considerable expertise in design, development and implementation of complex digital signal processing systems, from individual low-level functional blocks such as filters and FFTs(Fast Fourier transform),DCT(Discrete cosine transform),DWT(Discrete wavelet transform) to full fill the signal processing and analysing it various non-stationary features.
Working with the customer, we can develop custom or semi-custom system or block-level specifications, suggest algorithms, perform feasibility simulations, and then implement the chosen solution using the necessary combination of hardware or software processing resources. Typically, we would use tools such as Matlab to prove the system operation, and ModelSim to verify the hardware implementation.

Various Services offerred in Digital Signal Processing are

  • Algorithm design and validation (especially for imaging applications)
  • Evaluation and selection of technologies
  • Algorithm optimization and implementation
  • Design of both analog and digital interfaces for signal processing systems
  • Integration of Digital Signal Processing technologies inside a complete product
  • Design, validation and manufacturing of professional and consumer products