Digital Communication Projects

Thesisconcepts possess a solid knowledge in the fields of digital communication engineering (signals, systems, information) as well as digital telecommunication technology (coding, modulation, statistics, cryptology). Beyond, we possess a fundamental knowledge in numerous applications of digital communications, e. g., optical, satellite, or multi-media communications. We provide complete IEEE project development support and assistance in domain of digital communication for MTech, ME, Masters & PhD research scholars.
Thesisconcepts is able to treat practical problems in the field of digital communications as well as in adjacent domains purposively, to analyze and structure complex problems, to apply the acquired standard techniques to problem solutions, but also, based on literature search, to find and realize new approaches. This also results in the ability to generally scrutinize known methods and to extend them scientifically. They are able to present their ideas and results orally and in written form according to scientific standards.
With this ability and knowledge, we are competent enough to develop IEEE projects in the field of Digital Communications for, e. g., in research or development groups in industry, as consultants, team members, or leaders in projects, or as scientists in academia.

Below is Partial List of Digital Communication IEEE Projects for MTech, ME & PhD