2 D Graphics Processors

BitBLT Graphics Engine Features
Bit Block Transfer – 3 Independent Memory Sources of data:
On-Screen & Off-Screen Data Block (SRC)
Off-Screen Fixed Pattern Data Block (PTN)
On-Screen visible Data Block (DST)
Raster Operations (ROP) performed on Block Transfers:
256 Raster Operations
ROP0, ROP1, ROP2, & ROP3 operations
Includes industries most popular 16 ROPs
BitBLT Draw Features:
Pixels, Horizontal & Vertical Lines
Overlapping & Non-Overlapping Block Transfers
Solid Color Block Fills
FONT Monochrome Bitmap to Color Expansion, either Transparent or
Rotation Block Transfers: 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees
Block Stretch on X & Y Axis
Alpha Blending
Sprite Moves
2D Graphics Rendering Engine (Option):
Pixel Drawing
Line (Vector) Drawing – any direction
Polygon Rendering
Filled Polygon Command FIFO or Link-List Display Processing Unit:
Simplifies Processor Interface
Minimizes Processor Overhead
Frame Buffer & Display Features Supported:
Display Resolutions 4K x 4K
4 GB Memory Range
8, 16 , 24, & 32 bits-per-pixel color depths
Interrupt Controller with 3 sources of internal interrupts with masking control
On-Chip Interconnect Compliance – Avalon, AXI, AXI4, AHB:

AMBA AXI Protocol Specification (V1.0)
AMBA AXI4 Protocol Specification (V3.0)
AMBA AHB Specification 2.0
FPGA Integration Support:
Altera Quartus II & SOPC Integration & NIOS II EDS Reference Design
Xilinx ISE Design Suite & Embedded Development & Software Development Kits

Raster Graphics 2D GPUs: GC200, GC300

  • BitBlt, rectangle fill, line, StretchBlt, and monochrome expansion support
  • ROP2, ROP3, ROP4 (transparency) support
  • Full alpha blending support
  • High-quality 9-tap filter for scaling
  • YUV-to-RGB conversion and 8-bit color lookup
  • 90°,180°, 270° rotation on every primitive
  • Full asynchronous operation through DMA command stream
  • Support for clipping rectangle
  • Supports up to 255 rectangles per primitive call
  • Simple programming interface
  • Very low CPU overhead – no need to wait until 2D engine is finished before changing states or issuing new commands
  • Allows batching of commands to further reduce CPU overhead (begin/end paradigm)
  • High-quality image and video scalar
    • Filter kernel size is programmable from 1×1 to 9×9
    • Vertical and horizontal kernel sizes are independently programmable
    • Filter coefficient can be programmed for any type of filter
    • Supports 32 filter phases
  • Programmable format conversion
    • Supports 11 source formats
    • Standard configuration supports 7 destination formats
  • Display resolution HD 1080p

Vector 2D Engine

  • Polygon Rasterizer
    • Polygon Filling (odd-even, inside rules)
    • Line Drawing (any direction, any width)
    • Filled Boxes
    • Modes: Non-Antialiased, AntiAliased 4,8,16,32 point multisampling
    • Screen-aware subpixel antialiased Rendering
  • Scissoring / Clipping
    • Infinite Scissoring windows supported with no performance impact
  • Pixel Blending
    • Supports all OpenVG colour surface formats
    • Alpha Blending
    • Porter-Duff models
    • Raster bitwise Operations
  • Blitter
    • High performance Blitter
    • Colour Conversions on-the-fly
    • Support for Alpha blending
    • Support for Transparent colour value
  • Paint Application
    • Linear Fills
    • Radial Fills
  • Image Convolution Engine
    • Raster convolution operations
    • Matrix Colour Conversions
  • Image Warping
    • Texture Mapping
    • Image Sizing
    • Bilinear Filtering Image interpolations
  • VGA/LCD Controller (optional)
    • Supporting RGB888, RGB565, RGB555, RGB444, L8 and 8-bit pallette modes
    • Configurable number of Hardware Sprites for Cursors.
  • CMOS Camera i/f (optional)
    • Direct Interfacing to external CMOS colour camera
    • Bayer pattern interpolation
  • Modular Design based in AMBA AHB interface for easy SoC Integration.
  • pure technology indepedent Verilog RTL
  • Synthesizable
  • customizable to your target technology