Image Interpolation and Superresolution


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  • Linear interpolation revitalized
  • New edge directed interpolation (NEDI) code
  • Signal Discrete Sinc-interpolation in DCT Domain code
  • Directional filtering and data fusion  DFDF
  • Wavelet-based texture image interpolation  wt_interp
  • Fast and robust superresolution (SR) toolbox  UCSC-SR
  • Superresolution for synthetic zooming  syn_zoom
  • EPFL's frequency-domain approach  EPFL
  • Support vector machine based image superresolution   result
  • Image interpolation using multiscale geometric representations  Code
  • Kriging-based Best Linear Unbiased Estimator   Code
  • Image interpolation by adaptive 2D autoregressive modeling and soft-decision estimation   Executable
  • Super-resolution GUI developed by Bahadir at LSU
  • Multi-frame image super-resolution
  • Super-resolution via sparse coding  code
  • Super-resolution through neighbor embedding code
  • Super-resolution with sparse mixing estimators
  • Machine learning in multi-frame SR
  • Example-based learning for super-resolution
  • Super Resolution using Edge Prior and Single Image Detail Synthesis code
  • Binary halftone image resolution increasing by decision tree learning
  • Superresolution from a single image code (third-party implementation)
  • Simultaneous motion deblurring and super-resolution
  • Exploiting Self-Similarities for Single Frame Super-Resolution code
  • Fast image/video upsampling (binary executables only)
  • Image deblurring and supper-resolution by adaptive sparse domain selection and adaptive regularization code
  • Image and video upsampling from local self-examples code (third-party implementation)

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